Recently Adopted

Recently Adopted
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OLBD Norman – Adopted!!

We are so happy that our very handsome boy, OLBD Norman, was adopted by his foster family!  Norman fell in to sync, immediately, with his foster family and fur-siblings.   They all embraced him beautifully.  Norman is especially attached to his foster dad and wants to be with him at all times!  Norman is going to have a fabulous life, is so very loved and we couldn’t be happier for this loveable boy!!  Happy life sweet Norman!!   

OLBD Cookie – Adopted!!

We are so happy that our very beautiful girlkin, OLBD Cookie, now known as Maggie was adopted by her foster family!  They fell head over heals in love and couldn’t let her go!  Maggie is going to have an amazing life, is so very loved and we couldn’t be happier for this sweet girlkin!!  Happy life beautiful Maggie!!   

Dexter – Adopted!!

Our very handsome OLBD Dexter, now known as Eli, has been adopted by his foster family!  When Eli came in to Operation LBD, things fell in to place and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for him to land with the wonderful family that he did!   They fell in love with him almost instantly and Eli now lives a wonderful life with them and his fur-brother and fellow Boykin, Laddie!  (In the photo, Eli (fka Dexter) is on the right and Laddie is on the left.)  We are very excited for Eli and the life he was destined to have!!  Happy life handsome boy!!   

Terra & Lacy – Adopted – March, 2018

We are so happy that our very sweet, girlkins, Terra & Lacy are now in a foster to adopt situation,  TOGETHER!   Terra & Lacy are going to have an amazing life and we’re so happy that this very sweet bonded pair gets to stay together.   Happy lives sweet girlkins!!   

Max – Adopted – February, 2018

We are so happy that our very sweet, lovable and handsome Max was adopted.   Max’s new mama is beyond thrilled with her new little addition.  He is doing great and is his mama’s constant companion.  It was a match made in Heaven!   We know that Max is home and is going to have the best life!  Happy life handsome Max!! 

Styles – Adopted – February, 2018

We are so happy to announce that our very sweet, lovable Styles was adopted.   Styles is going to be living a wonderful life in Florida with his new family.    Styles family was beyond excited to adopt him.  Upon seeing him for the first time, his new dad got a bit emotional and said “I’ve been waiting 20 years for a Boykin”.   We know that Styles is home and is going to have the best life!  Happy life handsome Styles!! 

Sassy – Adopted – February, 2018

We are so happy to announce that our very sweet, senior girlkin, Sassy was adopted.   Sassy is going to be living the best life in Texas with her new girlkin sister Ella!   Her family is so very excited to have adopted Sassy and the best news is that the new sisters are getting along like they’ve always been together!  Sassy loves snuggling with her new dad and thankfully, will never have to worry about moving again.  She’s home!!  Happy life sweet Sassy!! 

Drake – Adopted – January, 2018

The very handsome Drake was an intake to Operation LBD in November, 2017. Drake has been posted a few times on our page by his foster family but here’s some background on this handsome boy! Drake was found posted on a website for FREE, which we all know could turn very bad for some dogs. Fortunately, we found him and he became an official member of Operation LBD. One of our wonderful volunteers picked him up and overnighted this sweet boy and from there he found his way to his foster family, which to be honest, became his forever family within a matter of days. There was no doubt that Drake was in the right home from the very beginning. Drake is only 1.5 years old and is a Purebred male Boykin. His former family didn’t have the time needed to spend with him but his forever family sure does. Drake has been adopted by an amazing family and has become his new mom’s best friend and constant companion. We’re so happy for his new family and most especially for our Drake who will have a wonderful life and never has to worry about someone not having time to spend with him again – he’s got all that and more! We know you’ll have a happy life sweet boy! 

Ella Mae – Adopted – January, 2018

Sweet Ella Mae came in to Operation LBD at Thanksgiving time, 2017. Her mom loved her dearly but due to circumstances beyond her control she sadly needed to rehome her. That’s where we came in. Ella stayed with one of our foster families temporarily until her longer-term foster parents came to take her to their home. As with Drake, there was never any doubt that Ella had struck gold and from almost the 1st day with her foster parents, they knew and she knew, she was in her forever home. And, we agree, it was meant to be! Ella is a 3 year old Purebred Boykin Spaniel and is so very sweet. She not only has wonderful new human parents but she has a beautiful Boykin sister, Abbe and they are both living a wonderful life, together. We are so grateful to and happy for her new family falling in love with Ella Mae, adopting her and making her a part of their wonderful family. Have a happy life sweet girlkin!  (Photo: Ella Mae is on the right and her girlkin sister, Abbe is on the left.) 

Lulu – Adopted – January, 2018

Beautiful Lulu is a 6-7 year old, female, Purebred Boykin Spaniel who came in to Operation LBD last Fall, 2017.  Lulu was offered on several social media sites for sale and for a very cheap price and was intact.   One of our wonderful volunteers saw her listed, was concerned for her and reached out to us and of course, we couldn’t say no to this beautiful girlkin.    Lulu was a very shy and timid girl and needed to be spayed and brought UTD on all vaccines.   From the very first day that Lulu came in to her foster home, there really was never any question that she was already in her forever home.  Lulu’s foster family already has an amazing girlkin named Ruby who was very welcoming to Lulu and willing to show her the ropes.   Lulu now knows kindness and love and compassion and what it really means to be a family dog.   She even has a whole big lake in her backyard to play in!!   We know it’s only going to get better from here for you, Lulu!

From Lulu’s family:  Ruby (And us) would like to say a special Thank you to OLBD for allowing us to fail at fostering, and adopt this sweet, sweet girl, Lulu. She has fit perfectly into our family. I believe there was a few bets placed that she would never leave our home, lol. She is learning how to be a dog and enjoy a home. Ruby is excepting of her new fur sister and showing her all the lake activities. Thank you again.